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SMG Gearbox Specialists and Repairs

Standing for Sequential Manual Gearbox, an SMG can be thought of as a a transmission which is equally capable of functioning as an automatic or manual transmission. The benefit of this is that the driver is not required to operate a clutch pedal when functioning as an automatic.

What is an SMG Gearbox?

An SMG gearbox is a manual transmission as well as an automatic transmission operated by either a traditional stick or a set of paddle shifters. These are attached to the steering wheel or steering column. It is basically a transmission that functions in an automatic mode or as a traditional manual and allows you to shifts gear easily in any scenario.

The manual mode will provide greater engine performance and will also remove the human element which brings with it the potential for error. The long term benefit of this is that it ensures a longer life to the transmission and all its related components.


Which Classic Vehicles Makes and Models Can Be Repaired?

On the E36 M3 (1997) and later on, on the E46 M3, the BMW offered a system that was called “sequential manual gearbox” (SMG). BMW’s SMG for the first generation is partially an Magneti Marelli system similar to the one used in the Ferrari and Alfa.

There are various functions in different modes with six upshift / downshift control settings for manual operation and five automatic mode settings.

SMG is a type of semi automatic transmission which is exclusive to the BMW car make. The BMW SMG transmission has both automatic and manual shift modes. Different models of BMW will come with subtle but important differences in how the SMG is designed and operated. Therefore, there are different methods used to repair different models of BMW.

The highly trained team of SMG repair specialists at Automatic Man LTD are experienced in repairing all different BMW models. To find out how an SMG gearbox repair could work in your exact vehicle then simply call with one of our friendly and expert team for more information at 07947 444931.

There is no need to panic if you don’t see your specific car make or model, as it is more than likely that our specialists will still be able to help. 


How Do We Repair Your SMG Gearbox?

Our engineers will use specialist diagnostic technology to determine the root cause of any issues with your SMG gearbox. From here, we will then determine whether your gearbox requires simple reconditioning or even a full replacement in order to get it in fully working order again. No matter the issue, we will ensure that it is repaired in a timely manner and as efficiently as possible.

SMG gearboxes are exclusive to BMW vehicles. Different models of BMW will come with subtle but important differences in how the SMG is designed, therefore, there are intricate differences in the methods we use to repair these kinds of gearboxes. If your SMG gearbox is experiencing problems, we are here to help. Stocking an enormous selection of different model parts, we will have your gearbox up and running optimally in no time.  

For your benefit, we will undertake an inspection of the transmission fluid as standard every time we undertake a SMG gearbox repair. We will change both the hydraulic fluid and also the clutch fluid to avoid moisture build-up which can exacerbate the wear and tear of your SMG unit internals.

We will also inspect differential and drivetrain components to ensure that they are functioning correctly. Proper functioning of the differential and drivetrain components is vital, and if it’s not functioning properly it will provide you with a subpar driving experience. Poor gearbox performance is often caused by low differential fluid, broken driveshafts, or worn-out differentials. 

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Does your SMG gearbox have shifting issues? Is there a cog displayed on your car’s dash? Does the car get stuck in neutral? These are all signs that your SMG gearbox may need repairing. With a wealth of gearbox experience under our belts, we have the ability to repair every type of automatic gearbox available, including automatic transmissions and semi-automatic, powershift, mechatronic, DSG and SMG 1,2,3 gearboxes.

Automatic Man offer a wide range of services, including free SMG gearbox diagnostics, helping you to understand how to get the most out of your vehicle for no initial fee. Simply get in contact with one of our friendly and expert team for any further enquiries.

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