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At Automatic Man, we specialise in repairing and rebuilding Renault automatic gearboxes, no matter the problem. When it comes to restoring gearboxes, our specialist engineers pride themselves on providing an exceptionally high level of workmanship, ensuring that your gearbox feels smooth and works like new. A few of the models that we regularly repair include the Megane, Clio, Zoe, Captur, Kadjar, Grand Scenic and various others! With many years of automotive repair experience, there’s nothing we haven’t already come across and no repair is too complex.
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Not only do we specialise in Renault automatic gearboxes, but we are also proficient in a variety of other car makes, including but not limited to the following, BMW, Mercedes, Hondas, Volvo, Range Rover, Toyota, Vauxhall, Citroën, and many more!

Renault Automatic Transmission And Renault Automatic Gearbox Repair

Our specialist gearbox engineers use the latest diagnostic technology to diagnose what may be causing the issue with your gearbox. We are experienced in a range of Renault automatic gearbox fixes from restoration and reconditioning to complete replacement. 

Many models are built with a Renault EDC gearbox (efficient dual-clutch), which provides the driver with a six-speed automatic transmission removing the need for a pedal. Gears are automatically selected depending on speed of the vehicle or by a push or pull of the ‘P,R,N,D’ gearshift. If your Renault is experiencing transmission problems, at Automatic Man, we stock a range of parts and components to ensure your gearbox and engine run smoothly upon completion.

When completing a gearbox repair, we inspect the transmission fluid as standard practice, to ensure that it is spinning as it should and isn’t polluted with metallic fragments. This will help the durability of your gearbox, reducing wear and tear. 

If your dual-clutch is experiencing problems, this could be due to your mechatronic unit requiring repair. The mechatronic unit is a computerised system that operates in collaboration with your engine to regulate the changing of gears. 

Whenever we restore a mechatronic, the programming is completed online via a VAG server which prevents the original coding from being affected, ensuring that your keys work as they always have.

We have a wealth of gearbox experience and have repaired hundreds of makes and models. This means that we are confident in our ability to fix all types of automatic gearboxes including automatic transmissions and semi-automatic, powershift, mechatronic, DSG and SMG 1,2,3 gearboxes.

Renault Reconditioning

During the reconditioning of your Renault gearbox, we will dismantle it into parts and check them individually to conclude if they are fit for purpose. These will then be reconditioned or fully replaced with a brand new alternative. 

This provides you with a more cost-effective solution than fully replacing your gearbox without compromising on quality or performance.

How Can Automatic Man Help You?

If you are experiencing complications with your Renault automatic gearbox, one of our expert engineers will be more than happy to provide you with assistance. Every weekday morning, we offer free diagnostic sessions to determine what may be causing the problem with your gearbox.

For more information, please contact us by calling 07947 444931. We are available seven days a week.


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