Honda Automatic Gearbox Repair Service
If you are experiencing problems with your Honda automatic gearbox, we at Automatic Man offer a repair-rebuild service for your Honda. Our expert engineers are skilled in repairing gearboxes to the highest of standards. After a service with our team, your honda gearbox will feel practically brand new without the expensive price tag attached, no matter the model! Some of the most popular models we fix include the Honda Jazz, Honda Civic and the Honda CR-V. With years of experience in the automotive industry, there are not many problems we haven’t already seen before and no task is too troublesome!
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Honda automatic gearboxes are not the only make our engineers are able to fix. Our specialist team has experience in repairing a wide range of brands including BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Range Rover, Toyota, Vauxhall, Citroën, Renault and many more.

Honda Automatic Transmission, Honda CVT Transmission And Honda Automatic Gearbox Repair

Our specialist team employs the latest diagnostic technology to accurately and efficiently determine what may be causing the issue with your gearbox. From gearbox reconditioning to full gearbox replacement, we have the expertise to carry out a host of Honda gearbox repairs. Many models are fitted with a Honda CVT transmission providing the driver with a much smoother driving experience and a more fuel efficient engine compared to your everyday automatic. This means that no matter the speed, your gearbox will be performing to peak efficiency. If your Honda CVT transmission or automatic transmission is faulty, our extensive partnership network enables us to stock a large range of high-quality components for many different models, ensuring your gearbox and engine are working to the best of their ability. Our minimal turn around times allow you to safely return to the road, as soon as possible. 

When your gearbox is serviced with Automatic Man, as standard we perform a routine check of your vehicle’s transmission fluid to establish that it isn’t contaminated and is spinning properly. 

If your dual clutch isn’t working as it should be, your mechatronic unit may be in need of repair. This unit works alongside your engine to determine when a change in your gears is required and facilitates this change. 

To ensure that the original coding of your mechatronic unit stays intact, the programming we undertake is facilitated via an online VAG server. This means that your car keys will not be affected during this process and will work just the same.

Our team of specialist engineers have a wealth of experience working with gearboxes and all the ways in which they may break or experience problems. This enables us to efficiently fix every type of automatic gearbox on the market, including automatic transmissions and semi-automatic, powershift, mechatronic, DSG and SMG 1,2,3 gearboxes.

Honda Reconditioning

During our gearbox reconditioning service, we disassemble and check the individual components of your gearbox for any signs of damage or disrepair. The parts affected will then be repaired or fully replaced where necessary, providing a more economical solution to replacing your Honda automatic gearbox in full.

How Can Automatic Man Help You?

If your Honda gearbox is experiencing problems, one of our engineers will be happy to provide you with a solution. Our team is available seven days a week and offers free diagnostic sessions every weekday morning to determine the cause of your gearbox issue. Please get in touch with one of our friendly team members for more information by calling 07947 444931.

Automatic Gearbox Specialist

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We can help with your automatic gearbox problems

Located in Sevenoaks, Kent we service, repair and recondition automatic gearboxes, automatic transmissions and semi-automatic gearboxes for customers throughout London. This includes  Hammersmith, Ealing and Acton. Whether you are looking for a gearbox specialist or your automatic vehicle needs some general repairs, Automatic Man are perfect for you.

Our gearbox services include electronic fault finding and ECU testing and re-configuring. Automatic transmissions are highly specialised, therefore we are happy to negotiate with mechanical insurance warranty companies on behalf of our customers.

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Automatic Man is located at Unit 20, Heather Trading Estate, Ash Road, Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 7HJ

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