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With many years of experience working with a wide range of makes and models, Automatic Man is your go to choice when it comes to hybrid car gearbox repairs. Our expert specialists will offer a free gearbox diagnostic session any morning Monday to Friday.
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Drive trains for hybrid vehicles convey electricity to driving wheels. A hybrid vehicle is powerful in multiple forms. Full hybrid motors usually have automatic gearboxes with regenerative braking and an overall better fuel consumption.

What is a hybrid?

There are a wide range of hybrid motors and vehicles, like the Toyota hybrid range, and many more coming onto the market.

  • Full hybrids: A full hybrid is a vehicle that can run on just the engine, the batteries, or a combination, sometimes also called a strong hybrid.
  • Dual hybrids: An example of dual hybrids are Formula One cars.
  • Plug-in hybrid: A PHEV is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle whose battery, by connecting it to an external power source as well as its on-board motor and generator, can be recharged.

In essence, a hybrid vehicle is a system which works with two (or more) different power sources. The majority of hybrid cars will operate with a normal internal combustion engine which then is paired with an electric motor. However, it is the way in which these work together which differentiates between different vehicle makes and models.

This combination of petrol-driven combustion engine and battery powered electric motor is the most common example of a hybrid vehicle. These can either work autonomously or work together to drive the vehicle. The need for manual or automatic transmission is eliminated as the hybrid system acts as a continuously variable transmission (CVT). Another benefit of this technology is that the vehicle does not require a start as the split device allows the generator to start the engine.

The most famous example of this system is the Toyota Prius series hybrid, which pioneered this hybrid technology with its launch in 1997. Nowadays there are various makes and models who operate with a symbol or slightly evolved version of this hybrid system.

The highly trained team of hybrid car gearbox repair specialists at Automatic Man LTD are experienced in reconditioning and repairing for a wide variety of different models. To find out how a hybrid gearbox repair could work in your exact vehicle then simply call one of our friendly team at 07947 444931.


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