About Automatic ManWe are a family run business specialising in automatic gearbox repairs for over 20 yearsAbout Automatic ManWe are a family run business specialising in automatic gearbox repairs for over 20 years

Automatic Gearbox Repairs

A trusted reputation

A willingness to take on smaller automatic gearbox repairs and sometimes just simple adjustments, as that is occasionally all that is required to get a car cheaply back on the road, has forged trust and respect from customers from the local area and abroad. Customers introducing friends and family do so with the confidence that their experience with this company gave them – see our customer feedback section.

Our customers

Orders for automatic gearbox repairs and servicing from the American Navy, our own Government Supply Office, many local main dealers and respected independent car garages in London are testament to our commitment to our customers and our profession.


Our passion for quality

As a family business we have always worked with the belief that the quality of the finished product is paramount to us and our customers. To that end, systems of cleanliness, thoroughness, check and counter check are built into the reconditioning of each and every hand built automatic gearbox unit. We are responsible to you and we want you to rest assured of our very best performance, consistently.

A family business

Peter Bosson worked since leaving school on a variety of makes of car and trained in most areas of the motor trade, later specializing in automatic gearboxes.

Building the team

More than twenty years ago Mike Leaney joined the team at Automatic Man bringing with him a natural ability for diagnosis especially in the electrical field which in modern vehicles is a must have.

Mike immediately brought the high tech side of the business alive at a time when computer controls on cars were just feeding through. This means a lot to our customers in terms of a quick and accurate diagnosis and to us an increased through put of satisfied clients. Mike was later joined by Brendan and Mo who are also experts in automatic gearboxes and transmissions.

Our specialist services




Semi Automatics



Located in Sevenoaks, Kent we service, repair and recondition automatic gearboxes, automatic transmissions and semi-automatic gearboxes for customers throughout London. This includes  Hammersmith, Ealing and Acton. Whether you are looking for a gearbox specialist or your automatic vehicle needs some general repairs, Automatic Man are perfect for you.

Our gearbox services include electronic fault finding and ECU testing and re-configuring. Automatic transmissions are highly specialised, therefore we are happy to negotiate with mechanical insurance warranty companies on behalf of our customers.

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Automatic Man is located at Unit 20, Heather Trading Estate, Ash Road, Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 7HJ

Free advice line 07947 444931