Payment Assist
Split the cost of your repairs over a number of months!

Repairs Finance With Payment Assist

At Automatic Man, we want to ensure that our customers are always taken care of to the highest of standards. However, sometimes repairs, especially involving gearboxes, can be expensive! This can make your life stressful, especially if money is tight!  We understand how expensive things can get and as part of our ever-evolving, high quality and customer-centric service, we have partnered with Payment Assist for your convenience. This partnership provides you with a simple, yet helpful solution, making the overall payment process smoother and easier on your wallet!  If you find yourself lumped with a large cost that you’re unable to pay, through the help of Payment Assist, the cost of your repairs can be split into equal amounts and spread over three months. This allows you to get back on the roads quickly and safely and most importantly, hassle-free.

What Is Payment Assist?

We’ve teamed up with Payment Assist to help provide an easy solution for you to spread the cost of your vehicle repair over three months.
Unlike other finance schemes, Payment Assist provides you with a no-interest, no-fee and no-credit check option to pay for your repairs or updates. Instead of being faced with a large lump sum, simply pay 25% of the cost upfront and spread the rest!

How It Works

Kelly has received a £400 bill unexpectedly through faults identified during her routine check. The problem is, she doesn’t have the funds to cover it!
She pays a £100 deposit today during the arrangement of her finance payment plan and is back on the road hassle-free!

She pays a further £100 per month for the next three months, with no added interest or extra costs until she’s all paid up. Simple!


Do Payment Assist Carry Out A Credit Check?

During the 25% upfront cost, paid on the day, Payment Assist run a simple check to ensure that your account has the means to pay this cost, only taking a couple of seconds to process. However, this does not leave a ‘digital footprint’ on your account and will not affect your credit score. 

For charges greater than £1000, a credit check will be required.

Are There Any Charges?

None whatsoever. The payment plan has no secret or hidden interest or fees attached.

Can I Change The Days Of Payment?

Once your payment plan has been set up, the days of payment can be changed free of charge by simply contacting Payment Assist.

How Do I Know When My Payments Are Due?

Seven days before your payment is due, you will be sent a reminder via your email address, giving you enough time to secure the funds required.

How Are Payments Taken?

A recurring transaction fee is set up and repayments are charged on the debit card used in the original transaction. The debit card used must be registered to the person arranging the payment plan with Payment Assist.


Located in Sevenoaks, Kent we service, repair and recondition automatic gearboxes, automatic transmissions and semi-automatic gearboxes for customers throughout London. This includes  Hammersmith, Ealing and Acton. Whether you are looking for a gearbox specialist or your automatic vehicle needs some general repairs, Automatic Man are perfect for you.

Our gearbox services include electronic fault finding and ECU testing and re-configuring. Automatic transmissions are highly specialised, therefore we are happy to negotiate with mechanical insurance warranty companies on behalf of our customers.

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Automatic Man is located at Unit 20, Heather Trading Estate, Ash Road, Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 7HJ

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