History of Automatic Man

Automatic Man opened as a family run automatic gearbox repair business in London back in 1983.

Peter Bosson worked since leaving school on a variety of makes of car and trained in most areas of the motor trade, later specializing in automatic gearboxes. He met Jane Collery (still his wife 26 years later) pictured below in secretary mode.

A family business

Shortly after meeting Jane and being introduced to her parents (pictured below right) the desire to open the business was born. Thanks to the practical help, wisdom and guidance of David and Maureen Collery and the unwavering support of Jane, Automatic Man has gone from strength to strength.

Peter Bosson
Jane Collery
David and Maureen Collery

Building the team

More than twelve years ago Mike Leaney joined the team at Automatic Man bringing with him a natural ability for diagnosis especially in the electrical field which in modern vehicles is a must have.

Mike immediately brought the high tech side of the business alive at a time when computer controls on cars were just feeding through. This means a lot to our customers in terms of a quick and accurate diagnosis and to us an increased through put of satisfied clients.

Mike was later joined by Chirag who’s also an expert in automatic gearboxes and transmissions.

Mike Leaney