Can You Remap an Automatic Gearbox?

This is one of the common questions asked when clients are looking to personalise, improve or fix their vehicle. A gearbox remap can bring with it a variety of benefits, both in terms of performance and vehicle maintenance, which you should consider as a car owner.

Whilst remapping a manual gearbox is a more standard service, many people ask whether you can remap the gearbox of an automatic car. The short answer: yes, by investing in the services of the right automatic gearbox specialists

But don’t stop reading here. Alongside this common query, we will go through what car remapping means, what automatic gearbox remap entails, as well as what benefits it provides and why you should consider the service for your automatic vehicle. 

What Does Car Remapping Mean?

Depending on the type of gearbox, whether it is an automated or manual car, there are various ways a vehicle can be remapped. Otherwise referred to as ECU tuning, car remapping is a process by which the vehicle’s ECU (engine control unit) is altered. This is generally carried out to improve the car’s performance in a variety of ways. 

Through simply altering a few settings on the electronic control unit, the owner can customise certain aspects of how the engine works, ultimately being able to customise the output to their own preferences. 

Why Do People Remap their Automatic Gearbox?

Remapping your gearbox is one way in which you can tune your vehicle to enhance your car’s performance and improve your driving experience. 

Customers frequently choose this option as many car manufacturers will only have one or two basic automatic gearbox designs. This can be an issue as it cuts down the choices you have to differentiate the way they are mapped. Ultimately, this means that you may not be optimising the combination of gearbox and engine power within your vehicle. 

Our bespoke gearbox specialist service will ensure that you are making the most of your car’s engine performance. Through ensuring that more engine power makes its way to your wheels, rather then being lost in transmission, you could also save money through improving how economically efficient your fuel usage is.  

What Is the Gearbox ECU?

It has become standard within the car industry for modern vehicles to have fully automatic gearboxes which are designed with their own highly sophisticated ECU controls. This complex system controls the manner in which vehicles shift gears in automatic or manual mode. 

The gearbox ECU ultimately has power over how harmonious the relationship between three aspects of your vehicle is:

  • The engine’s power out
  • The driver’s throttle input
  • The driver’s shift commance

It is vital that the gearbox ECU maintains a good balance between these aspects to ensure smooth shifts through automatically selected gears. Also, it is important that too much stress is not placed on the vehicle’s mechanical components as this can cause damage.

Alongside this, the gearbox ECU plays a key role in ensuring that the engine’s torque does not exceed the clutch capabilities of the transmission components or the clutch pack. For more information on the capabilities of your gearbox ECU and whether you’re getting the most out of your vehicle, contact Automatic Man LTD, your London gearbox specialists. 

Why Should You Remap Your Automatic Gearbox?

There are many reasons why customers frequently choose to remap the automatic gearbox within their vehicle. One of the most obvious benefits is that it goes a long way towards eliminating any lag which is often associated with automatic gearboxes. Essentially, through retuning your automatic gearbox in such a way, you will see, hear and feel the benefits of smartening up the shift times. 

Putting these benefits into facts and figures – because who doesn’t love facts and figures when it comes to cars? Here is what you can expect from remapping your automatic gearbox 

  • Maximised power and torque
  • Up to 70% faster shift changes
  • Higher performance efficiency and fuel economy (as less power is ultimately lost through transmission)
  • Smoother and more time efficient gear changes
  • Minimise engine noise
  • Lower gear ratio (meaning the faster the car will go with the same number of engine revolutions)
  • Customised minimum and/or maximum RPM for up and down shifts
  • Higher responsivity for paddle or tiptronic shifts (where applicable)

What Models Can You Remap an Automatic Gearbox On?

With years of experience, your London gearbox specialists are fully competent with all types of automatic transmissions. Thanks to this, we can work with a wide variety of vehicles, from the most vintage and obscure to high-tech contemporary vehicles that have just come on the market. We also use the latest industry upgrades to ensure that all automatic gearbox remaps are handled authentically. 

Virtually all car makes can have an automatic gearbox remapping to some extent, including:

  • Citroen
  • BMW
  • Renault
  • Range Rover
  • Mercedes
  • Honda
  • Audi
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • Mazda
  • Volvo
  • Vauxhall
  • Fiat
  • Mitsubishi
  • Saab
  • Ford
  • Various 4x4x models
  • Various American models

Of course, the ease and efficiency to which an automatic gearbox remap can be achieved depends on a variety of factors, including your vehicles current performance, the precise make and model, mileage and much more. 

Automatic Man LTD offer free automatic gearbox diagnostic sessions, helping you to understand how to get the most out of your vehicle for no initial fee. 

Want to know how a gearbox remap could work within the precise make and model of your vehicle? Get in contact today and one of our friendly, expert team will give you all the information you need. 

The Future of Automatic Gearbox Remapping 

There is a lot of new technology within the car industry which is currently being tested and set to hit the market in the coming years. The likes of hybrid cars and semi-automatic gearboxes mean that the future of automatic gearbox remapping is one expected to undergo big change at some point.

Will this in mind, Automatic Man LTD welcome this new technology and are fully equipped for the next round of gearbox changes. 

Why Work with Automatic Man?

Alongside remapping, our all-encompassing gearbox services also offer electronic fault finding, ECU testing and re-configuring. Due to the highly-specialist nature of services such as gearbox remapping, Automatic Man LTD are happy to negotiate with mechanical insurance warranty companies on behalf of our customers, saving them unnecessary hassle. 

Interested in how gearbox remapping could benefit you? Get in contact today to get the most from your vehicle. For any other questions or queries related to your vehicle’s gearbox, please call our free advice helpline on 07947 444931.